My Journey with Sendvilla: From Skeptic to Believer in the Power of Lead Generation

Here’s a story of how I went from 100% suspicious to a full on advocate for automating everything especially lead generation for fintech. I run a medium sized printing company for my area, it’s modest and we get by but trying to be proactive for a printing company isn’t as smooth sailing as one might think. Yes, we definitely do the door to door deals, and try to offer as amazing deals as we could for other businesses in the area. Truth be told it has some effectiveness but we still see some stagnation due to events being canceled here and there (even though it’s getting better). 

So, with our limited funds, we tried to be more proactive with our marketing and held a full-on soiree (forgive my French) for our area's business community. Although everything went well, the problem was that we couldn't get any new clients as we are in a small area, and basically, everyone is already a client or a potential client, so to speak. Putting on my thinking cap, we tried to target businesses from other towns and maybe roll from there. As we were starting this venture, I decided to join a marketing seminar where I learned all about automations and also Sendvilla.

I read some of the reviews online, which showed promise, but I was concerned because people kept describing it as sketchy. Ultimately with some faith, I tried the tool, and to my surprise, it wasn’t sketchy at all! The platform provided me with a bucket list of needed leads that I was able to get with only my choice of keywords and the locations I am targeting. After only a month of using Sendvilla, I was pleasantly delighted to find businesses I hadn't even heard of, and the starting price is a very affordable $9 per month. Happy with the results I opted to buy a bigger plan and hope I am able to find the right connections who meet my needs.

In conclusion, Sendvilla is a must-try for anyone looking to expand their reach. With the platform, I no longer have to rely on traditional marketing methods like door-to-door sales and networking events. Thanks to this platform, I am now able to effortlessly expand my reach beyond my local area and forge valuable connections with businesses throughout the entire country.