Bitcoin Mixer: Start Mixing Your Bitcoin With YoMix

Presudomity is one of the most attractive features of cryptocurrency, given to the users. Bitcoin, the very first cryptocurrency, became the torch bearer of this feature. There are different tools used to make bitcoin completely anonymous and that can be the bitcoin mixers. YoMix Bitcoin Mixer is one of the tools to enhance Bitcoin's pseudonymity, it outshines the other Bitcoin mixers. 

YoMix is one of the top Bitcoin mixers that quickly becomes a great alternative for the Tornado cash. 

Understanding the Bitcoin mixer

The blockchain or ledger on which Bitcoin works is comprehensively public and anyone can access each transaction made on this kind of network. Many users never mind the public nature of the Bitcoin blockchain, for some people, it becomes a privacy risk. It is where the bitcoin mixer comes into play. YoMix Bitcoin Mixer helps you hide and privately record your transactions. 

YoMix shuffles together the sum of Bitcoin in the private pool only after dividing the amount and sending it to the right recipients.

The Yomix BTC mixer

YoMix, a fully automated Bitcoin Mixer developed an advanced technology to bring to each user the power of anonymity. On the BTC ledger, anyone can see the number of funds stored and can initiate a cyberattack targeting your account to steal the coins you hold. 

Thus, YoMix becomes an essential tool in this kind of scenario. It has an absolute zero log policy because it erases all the data related to your order after the order has expired. Also, the charge is a very small amount for all the services you have made in the tool. The YoMix users mix bitcoin with large sums through multi-transactions, making it impossible to track the transactions using the amount-based analysis. 

Also, YoMix supports all types of addresses, but only BTC is backed by the platform. But, they are planning to extend the support to many types of currencies soon.

How does YoMix work?

You must create an order where you can customize the settings, such as:

  • service fee
  • distribution
  • delay, and many more

Next, the coins are to be sent to the input address after the order data has been checked and verified. After that, the role of the user is limited and they wait for YoMix to mix the coins. Finally, after mixing is finished, the user will receive mixed coins. 

You have all these when using this Bitcoin mixer, it is very easy, fast, and very private.