What is the purpose behind customs brokerage?

Custom brokerage is an important factor in the supply chain management system. Customs brokers are the entities that will help you carry out the whole process. They are trained and have a license that will help you to send or receive any freight overseas. Clearit USA customs brokerage has helped with this blog that explains the purpose behind customs brokerage. 

Customs Brokerage 

There are a few options to choose from among those who will take charge of customs clearance. 

  1. There are freight forwarders who are also customs brokers. You can use their service when you want to import or export goods or services.
  2. You can use a separate brokerage service and a freight forwarder service.
  3. The importer can also work directly with a carrier and then they can work with a broker too.

Brokerage process overview 

  • Entry: The customs broker will fetch the entry document when the freight has arrived at the port of the united states. They will file the entry document with the port director.
  • Documents: Various documents are involved. So the important documents are the purchase receipt, invoice of the suppliers, origin certificate, landing bills, etc.
  • Examination: You are good to go if you are granted clearance. If not then you have to go through the examination. The main purpose of the costumes is the safety of thor country, thus, they can be very hard with the examination.

Duties of the custom brokers

The duties of the customs broker can vary from client to client. However, some of the basic beauties are mentioned as follows:

  • Prepare the documents regarding customs clearance.
  • File and declare pieces of information regarding the customs.
  • Pays taxes and duties.
  • They can help in dealing with the bills and payments.
  • Client representation in case of any kind of dispute.
  • Helps in pro-clearance audits. 
  • Accounting goods entry and goods.
  • Talk to other government entities if needed. 
  • Before loading the custom declaration they will ensure that they take a sample. 


Hire a customs broker who will help you with all the duties of customs clearance. They will ensure that you abide by all the federal and international laws while you are importing or exporting the freight. In case of any problem, they will help in clearing the grounds. To ensure that the whole operation is carried out without any kind of trouble, appoint a good customs broker who has experience in the field.