Tips To Reduce Shipping Cost For Vehicle Transport Between Texas and California

Texas and California are two very populous states in the USA. While Texas is located in the South-central region, California is situated on the West Coast. The distance between the two spans around 1600 miles and the shipment will take about 5-7 days.

Auto-delivery is possible in all cities of the Texas region however the shipping cost would be much lower if you choose the delivery city to be any of the major hubs including Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, or Garland.

With companies like Ship A Car, Inc. covering all the major cities of the USA, auto-shipment has become a very simple process where you can finalize the details in one phone call itself. These reliable companies and their representatives give us peace of mind when our vehicle is in transit mode and we are otherwise not aware of its whereabouts. In-transit insurance, greater coverage as well as support from customer care are some major benefits provided by this auto-shipment company.

How to reduce the cost of shipping?

Certain elements are considered while calculating shipping costs for the vehicles. Distance between two places is the most important factor in determining your total rate.Aside from the distance, another consideration is the type and model of the car that needs to be transported. The date of shipment is the final consideration.The use of additional services will increase the final cost.

Some easy to accommodate tips that can reduce the overall shipping costs are:

1. Use open carrier for transport:

  • If your vehicle does not belong to the expensive, antique, or sports category, choosing an open carrier can save a lot of money.
  • Transporting automobiles in an uncovered truck with a back is cost-effective.
  • It will be even more cost-effective to ship multiple vehicles at once.

2. Scheduling the shipment during the off-season:

  • Avoiding rush seasons and planning the shipment to date when there is lesser demand will save money.
  • This is because the shipment costs increase with the increase in demand.

3. Restricting the insurance cover to basics:

  • Expanding the insurance provided by the shipping companies to a higher coverage policy will increase the total shipping cost.
  • A basic set of insurance for covering in-transit damage is already added as a part of the shipping policy, sticking to it will reduce the cost.

4. Collect your vehicle from a major hub instead of asking for deliveries to remote locations:

  • Hubs that have easy connectivity with major highways are easy to reach and shipping costs will be less if you choose them as the preferred location.
  • So, even if you are living in a remote location, use public transport to travel to a connected hub for taking your delivery to save some cost.

Apart from cost saving, you must also know how to prepare your car for safe transport. For example, during shipment, keep the gas level in your car to about one-fourth of its capacity. It should be enough for loading and unloading, but not too much to add additional weight to the transport carrier.