The Cost and ROI of Installing Acoustic Barriers for Noise Control

Acoustic barriers have benefits for a number of industries, but they can be costly to install. In this article, we weigh up the cost of the installation against the benefits, or return on investment, of acoustic barriers. Take a look below to find out more.

What Are Acoustic Barriers?

Acoustic barriers are usually made with a soundproof core. This core is used to absorb sound waves and stop noise from leaking out of enclosed spaces. It can also control sound reverberations in the space.

They are essentially a physical barrier to noise and are used to lower noise leakage into the world outside of the enclosed space. Barriers are made using lots of different materials, including composite like the core found in Echo Barrier acoustic barriers.

Where Will I Find Acoustic Barriers?

Acoustic barriers are used across industries to reduce noise pollution, enhance auditory experiences, and ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum. You will find acoustic barriers in places including:

  • Construction sites and other building areas
  • Outdoor events, like festivals, concerts, theatre productions, and more
  • Offices and other workspaces
  • Restaurants and other hospitality environments
  • Residential properties

What Do Acoustic Barriers Do for Me?

Acoustic barriers have many benefits, no matter the industry that they are used in. We’ve taken a look at them below to help you get to know them a little better.

  • Reduce disruption – Whether an office space or a construction site, keeping noise within an enclosed space can reduce disruption to those working adjacent to it. Noise pollution can cause a number of issues for people, including hearing impairment, stress, and sleep disruption. By limiting the noise that gets out, you limit the disruption to people’s lives.
  • Increases safety – In environments that can get very loud, communication can be more difficult, leading to reduced safety. If you can limit noise in a space, people can hear better, understand instructions, and avoid miscommunications that lead to mistakes and accidents.
  • Better productivity – In workspaces, reducing noise can lead to more productivity. It can help people to get less distracted and feel less stressed, helping them to focus on work and get more done.
  • Reduced stress levels – In many environments, more noise leads to more stress. This is a particular issue in healthcare settings, so using acoustic barriers in these spaces can enhance patient recovery and help staff to communicate better.
  • Better acoustics – For festivals, concerts, and other events, acoustic barriers can control the sound in the environment, helping to improve the quality of people’s experience.

What Kind of ROI Will I See on Acoustic Barrier Installation?

There are many ways that installing acoustic barriers can help you, and the benefits far outweigh the initial installation costs. To begin with, a reduction in noise boost productivity, which in turn can have a positive impact on profits.

The barriers can also reduce stress. This makes it less likely that people will suffer from stress-related illnesses and need time off work. It also makes them more likely to focus on work, reducing costly errors and improving productivity once more.

At outdoor events, sound barriers will enhance the quality of the sound and so the audience’s experience too. This means they’re more likely to come back because they had a good time the first-time round. Additionally, it reduces noise pollution, keeping your neighbours happy and ensuring you get invited back to hold your events again.

It is likely that you will see a quick return on investment when you install acoustic barriers, no matter the industry you’re in.

Final Thoughts

Acoustic barriers have a tonne of benefits and though they may be slightly expensive to install, their benefits ensure that they pay for themselves very quickly! Check out the range on offer at Echo barrier today for quality acoustic barriers for your workspace.