Material Handling Equipment Needed for Bakery and Ingredients Handling

Contamination might be a significant issue if you work with baking ingredients or in a bakery. For you to be able to handle bakery ingredients in accordance with the strict modern FDA and OSHA regulations, you need hygienic, effective material-handling equipment.

If maintaining the safety of the food supply chain is a concern for you, you should think about incorporating sanitary equipment into your warehouse design.

By making your layout more effective and compact, you can guarantee good sanitation and raise productivity in the food and bread industries.

A pallet inverter is a certain material handling equipment used for changing pallets in the food and bakery industry. Top Industries Inc. has designed this equipment for several such industries based on their process requirements.

You probably use washable pallets to store food when working with them. A pallet inverter is a great option if you need to shift loads onto these pallets. Pallets may be lifted, rotated, transferred, and tilted by these inverters, which eliminates the need for risky physical labour.

One of the most well-liked inversion items is the Single Clamp Pallet Inverter, which is available. Multiple control choices are available for the 180⁰ inverter, which can be loaded and unloaded using a reach truck or forklift.

A few other solutions for material handling in such industries are as follows.

1.      Space and pallet retrievers

Spacer and pallet retrievers are made to quickly swap out pallets, mix loads, and remove spacers. As compared to the time and effort required to manually stack loads from one pallet to another, they allow you to move loads to inbound or outbound pallets in a matter of minutes.

This is fantastic for creating an efficient warehouse. The pallet retrievers are also made to be loaded at ground level, which makes them the perfect choice for businesses without easy access to forklift vehicles.

Conveyors are used to feeding more complex systems. For the food and pastry industries, these automatic spacers and pallet retrievers are useful tools for reducing labour costs.

2.      Stretch wrappers

You will probably wrap products and pallets when handling food to reduce or minimise product damage. To preserve your items, premium stretch wrappers employ film that has a 200% pre-stretch.

Additionally, there are automatic stretch units for system integration that automatically wrap products without requiring a human operation.

3.      Plastic pallets

Starting with plastic pallets instead of wooden ones, hygienic equipment for the food and bakery industries can be more effective. Due to their washability, plastic pallets help in preventing product contamination.

The best pallets are manufactured with FDA-compliant materials and are stronger than wooden pallets.

There are several pallet washing options available, including one with an optional modular dryer to assure the cleanliness of your plastic pallets.

4.      Custom solutions

Standard machinery used in the food and pastry industries is not always the best option. You can collaborate with an industry-leading manufacturer to develop specialised equipment solutions whether you require extra safety features or stronger system integration.

Top Industries Inc. is one of the Florida-based companies engaged in designing equipment for material handling and you can find the latest solutions on their official YouTube videos.