How Can A Mat Logo Help Your Brand Be Stronger?

These logo mats can be a simple and powerful way to send a visual message to your client. They can be used for any business size and help reinforce your brand image or promote your product/company while taking up minimal floor space.

Businesses may not be aware of the potential of their floors for advertising and marketing if they haven't tried logo mats yet. Floor space is the second largest area of a building after the ceiling. It's also a communication space that is highly effective.

Logo mats work well for everyday advertising, seasonal campaigns, and events. These logo mats are ideal for marketing new products and services and welcoming your clients and customers. The backing of nitrile rubber is used to protect high-quality logo mats.

  • Slip and tear-resistant
  • Resistant against most oils/chemicals

They are safe to use, can be stored easily, and are very easy to maintain. You can wash them at 50°C to keep them clean without signing a long-term rental agreement.

The best advice we can give you regarding logo mats is to use something other than light colors. Light colors quickly remove stains, making the mats look dirty and grubby. The logo mat will look cleaner and more appealing if it is made of brighter or darker colors. Placing your logo mat near a counter or a till rather than at your entrance will preserve them longer.

Logo Mats Are A Great Way to Improve Your Business

The first impression you make is the most important! The best way is to choose a personalized mat. Do you know about the benefits?

Personalized mats can welcome guests before they even meet your staff. These mats create a warm and inviting environment.

It's All In Branding

Organizations communicate nowadays via many channels. You must make your brand memorable by letting the corporate identity reflect across all channels. You may not know, but logo mats are a great tool to strengthen your brand. They are one of the first things customers see when they walk into your shop or business. This means that they will immediately notice your logo and brand name.

Spread Your Message

A personalized mat can be a great way of spreading a message. Are you planning on launching a new product? Are you considering a discount promotion for your store? It keeps the store tidy even during busy hours. Also, custom logo mats can be used as giveaways to clients to promote your business.

A Professional Look


Many customers value professionalism and reliability in planning a purchase. Companies must be professional throughout the sales process. A custom logo mat is a great way to do this. This will also help strengthen your professional image.


Everything is made by us in-house so that we can be flexible. Our customized logo mats can be made in various sizes, styles, colors, and types. We can help you create the ideal mat for your business, be it a welcome mat, large event carpet, or point of sales runner.