Discovering The Benefits Of Ball Screw: The Powerhouse Of Heavy Duty Machinery

The worlds of machinery are based on the pillars of precision, engineering, and efficiency. These are the founding principles of good machinery. Moreover, these factors play an important role in deciding the smooth functioning of the machinery.

The invention of Ball screw BNT (บอลสกรู BNT, which is a term in Thai) has made an immense revolution in the machinery world. It has immensely contributed to the manufacturing of heavy-duty machinery. It has gained a significant role in the automobile industry as well.

What Are The Advantages Of Installing Ball Screw?

The advantages of using a ball screw are as follows.

1. Cost – Effectiveness

Ball screws are highly cost-effective and often used in various hydraulic machines as they consume less power externally to function smoothly. Moreover, they also contribute to increasing the lifetime of the machines.

2. Less Friction

The ball screw bearing is an excellent component that positively contributes to the machinery's smooth function. The ball bearings help the nut to move swiftly along the shaft of the screw, ensuring smooth and effortless movement.

3. Better Performance

Ball screws are an effective ball bearings mechanism that can help you increase the efficiency of your machinery by up to 90%. Furthermore, it will safeguard your machines and protect them from friction, resulting in better workflow and smooth results. Installing ball screws promotes linear motion as compared to other kinds of screws.

4. Profound Efficiency

When it comes to accuracy, there is no other competitor that comes close to ball screws in the market. Ball screws are well known for their accuracy and their precision in working machinery. Therefore using ball screws in heavy-duty machinery helps you increase the machinery's efficiency.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Installing Ball Screws?

The disadvantages of installing a ball screw are as follows.

· External Lubrication Required

When you are installing a ball screw, it is important to apply lubrication externally. Hence, it can be expensive for you to afford lubrication separately to apply in the machines.

· Costly

One of the biggest drawbacks of using ball screws is that it is costly compared to any other

type of ball screw.

· Noisey

Ball screws generate unwanted noise at the time of working, creating a nose that can be disturbing for many people. Furthermore, the heavier your machine, the higher your noise volume.


Ball screws are the real heroes in heavy-duty machines. They have made liner motion effortless in a wide range of appliances. Its heavy-duty capabilities and high performance have left the mechanical world speechless. Moreover, its heavy–duty and high load-bearing capacity has brought a revolution in big manufacturing industries as well. As a result, it has positively impacted production capabilities, and, at the same time, it has also increased the precisions of high-intensity machinery as well.