Contribution of Nan Inc in Hawaii’s Infrastructure

Patrick Shin is the founder of one of Hawaii’s largest construction companies called Nan Inc. Nan Inc has its corporate headquarters in Honolulu, and it was founded back in 1990, over 30 years ago. This workplace with 500 employees is supported by the Patrick Shin work ethic and business analytics acumen that is constantly striving to bring out the best in Patrick Nan Shin. Nan Inc. boss has done much to serve both society and his profession over the course of these 26 years. 

His Hard Work Paid Off

Patrick Nan’s hard work has paid off as his business, Nan Inc, has been awarded the Project of the Year award for a physical fitness center at Camp Smith, the Historic Preservation award for the Manufacturing Service Support Facility at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, and the Association of General Contractors Award for excellence in construction of Ane Keohokalole Highway in Kona. With years of hard work and commitment in order to achieve success in the relevant fields Nan Inc., has managed to build his name into Hawaii’s local building industry. 

Handling one of the biggest companies in Hawaii

Nan Inc. is known for being Hawaii’s largest local, wholly owned and operated General Contractor, having served construction needs throughout the State for over 30 years. Today, Nan Inc. is one of the largest companies on the Island of Hawaii, generating annual revenues approaching a billion dollars. With the confidence from the Hawaiian community and local businesses, Nan Inc has grown into one of Hawaii’s largest construction companies. Nan Inc has been known to handle more than 30 major projects that require quality through accuracy, a high level of managerial expertise, and a cohesive work ethic.

A successful businessman

Nan Inc Construction has been extremely lucky to become a successful business, said Patrick Shin, and Hawaii’s residents deserve to thrive along the way. As Nan Inc’s founder, Nan Chul Shin still finds time to pursue hobbies and other pursuits. Today, Patrick Shin is involved with projects worth millions and has contributed in a variety of industries, and none of it would be possible without Patrick Shin, the brains behind Nan Inc. In Hawaii, he has not only continued making his mark on the building industry, he has done wonders through his generosity, helping and supporting numerous causes and charities that could change the community. If we said that Patrick Shin is the owner of Nan Inc, chances are that you would have known of that Hawaii-based construction company.

Instead, Patrick Shin founder of Nan Inc has always wanted to build with ideas, and he is really contributing to Hawaii, working on big projects. As far as experience goes, Patrick Shin worked as a construction worker in Hawaii for two years, and came away with the idea to start Nan Inc. With only a single laborer at his side, Patrick Shin was not discouraged, and he was ready to tackle any type of projects that came his way.