4 Things You Need To Prepare Before Live Streaming In Singapore

Live streaming in Singapore is the new convenient way to host events and provide content towards a bigger audience. The one thing that a live event significantly lacks is the ability to reach people who can’t physically attend. Aside from those who live in other countries, there are some people who have personal reasons behind their absence. Whether it be due to commuting costs or tight schedules, not everyone has the means to attend live events, even if they want to so badly. If you are a business that is using events as a means of promotion, anyone who cannot watch them is already considered a lost customer. As much as possible, event organisers should aim to use methods to gain more viewers. It is beneficial for the company and gives customers the impression that your business knows how to stay relevant using the trends.

Live streaming in Singapore is the best way to reach people far from you. Aside from events, this method is also used for meetings, conferences, and seminars in order to reach all the required attendees. Before you start using live streaming, you should ensure that you have prepared everything you may need during the stream. Below is a list of aspects and items that should be checked beforehand.

1. Script

Many people who use live streaming tend to go without a script. It isn’t illegal to do so, but it can cause a lot of controversies to arise. An example would be saying something offensive during a hybrid AGM Singapore. Without a script, emotions and logic can clash, and something that you didn’t mean to say out loud will be inevitably heard and seen across multiple devices. This not only tarnishes your image, but it will also affect everybody involved in the event or occasion.

2. Wi-Fi Connection

Since live streams rely on your internet connection, you must make sure that your router is not experiencing any problems. Video conferencing in Singapore requires you to have a stable connection since everything discussed in the conference is essential. If someone in the conference asks you a question and your connection cuts off at that moment, you will lose your chance to respond. Knowing that your Wi-Fi is the key point to live streaming, you need to prepare and double-check your router before the conference or event starts. This helps avoid technical issues interrupting the flow.

3. Surroundings

Video production in Singapore can help you remove your dirty room seen in the background of your videos. However, live streaming doesn’t give you this power. When you live stream, you need to make sure that the part of your room that is seen behind you is clean and presentable. This is to ensure that your audience, guest speakers, or fellow meeting members will get a good impression of you.

4. Outfit

Although you might have to live stream from your house, that doesn’t mean you should not dress for the part. You still need to dress professionally like you would when you attend a live event. People will see your smart casual or formal outfit and get the impression that you are truly serious about this event.

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